Electronics factory workshop clean have any requirements on safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-27
Electronics factory clean workshop in the production of electronic products, because they are affected by static electricity, static electricity will breakdown in the process of the electronic components production, integrated the original cause of precision electronic equipment failure, and because of the electrostatic charge for a dormant, it accumulated in silence, but it triggered a but produce discharge and possible dangers to be reckoned with, such as fire and explosion. In electronics factory operations staff wearing anti-static safety shoes can effectively reduce the electrostatic hazard, to ensure the safety of production order. In the electronics factory workshop staff wearing clean anti-static safety shoes, which can effectively reduce the harm of static electricity for electronic products, thus reducing static electricity on product function and the influence of the transient. Because anti-static safety shoes is to use anti-static and conductive soles, ask in inflammable and explosive work environment and clean dust-free sterile workshop in order to reduce and eliminate electrostatic hazard and wearing safety shoes. Electronic production tend to have a clean workshop assembly line work, workers in production when heavy hit safety shoes to prevent falling pressure at the damage. Because it resistant safety shoes is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within shoes and shoes, and put a sponge, baotou pads at the end of article, can smooth in baotou and the integration of a shoe, can increase the folding resistance and comfort. Electronics factory production of electronic products need to be protected against static electricity in the clean workshop is according to the principle of conductive, to reduce the influence of dust of electronic products. And for staff wearing anti-static safety shoes, walking can reduce the human body charged generated by the electrostatic hazards. In addition they in well under the premise of electrostatic protection, it is necessary to choose according to their own job shop different multi-function hit antistatic safety shoes. Safety protection needs to begin from comprehensive, deal with complex operation scene, we in order to ensure the safety of the workers, is the need to consider in the job for them in advance that could appear to some kind of unexpected circumstances, ahead of the labor protection, it will greatly reduce the occurrence of danger!
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