Electronics factory to eliminate electrostatic damage, whether by only anti-static shoes is ok?

by:BEF     2020-07-26
I heard there are tens of thousands of volts electrostatic voltage highest, heard that static electricity can cause insomnia and headaches, heard that static electricity can make the person mood irritability? Heard that electronics factory use of anti-static work only need to rely on antistatic can eliminate electrostatic effect? I heard back anti-static work can you believe it? Now all 8012! All right! Qing have perished, now there are those who believe that there is no scientific basis? Small make up I really can't believe! This is a list of the science of time, let me take you to smash these rumors about antistatic bottom use! Actually about electronics factory in anti-static anti-static work only by a pair of bottom is no good, first of all, the source of the electrostatic is diverse, the largest carrier own itself is the human body, this does not include the product take the electrostatic nature and electrostatic! In addition with the corresponding anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes, anti-static gloves, etc. , in order to prevent electrostatic effect, still need to enter the electrostatic protection area in accordance with the provisions, equipped with anti-static equipment and anti-static products, and the need to regularly check the equipment and the function of the product, ensure that can play its normal role, if through professional surface resistance tester after testing, found no electrostatic problems, don't have to take the electrostatic protective measures. On the choice of anti-static products, avoid by all means do not select unqualified bottom in the anti-static, anti-static clothing, etc. , for the generation of static electricity is continuous, the unqualified product is impossible to remove electrostatic effect, will leave the corresponding electrostatic hidden trouble! Only in accordance with the specification, standard to implement, is the correct way to circumvent the risk of electrostatic oh!
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