Electrical insulating shoes wear in maintenance of cleaning method and matters needing attention

by:BEF     2020-12-09
Wear insulating boots, wear insulating gloves, is to prevent accidents, ensure the personal safety. But this is not to say that you can touch the electricity. Insulating boots, insulated gloves are not absolute insurance, time grows, insulation, insulation can be lost. So do regularly to test! Unqualified to throw it away. Wear shoes with electricity insulation, contact sharps should be banned, high temperature and corrosive substances, to prevent the loss of leather shoes to injury and impact performance, all electrical insulating upper and bottom once damaged, can't be used as electrical insulating shoes; In flooding, oil, acid, alkali conditions, such as electrical insulating shoes must not be used as auxiliary and safe appliance; During the term of use shoes performance should accord with a standard to ask at any time. Wear please check carefully before using the electric insulation, safety signs such as safety tag, otherwise shall not be used as electric insulation, wear, its work environment must be able to keep the instep and dry. Storage instructions: should be stored in dry, ventilated warehouse, to prevent mildew. Cleaning and maintenance instructions: please use the non-metallic brush to clear the dirt and dust on the shoes. Deadline: electrical insulating shoes should be in accordance with the provisions, use period ( Storage: since the factory for 18 months, use in 6 months, specific visual the intensity of labor and reasonable using the environment) Preventive test, resistance to voltage and leakage current if required, may continue to use.
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