Electrical insulating labor insurance shoes check method and use skills

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Labor insurance shoes is generally referred to as the safety shoes and protective shoes, mainly refers to work in different occasions to use, and protect the foot of the footwear. Today we bring you know about the electric insulation is a use of the labor insurance shoes. A, 1, check the logo and packing within each electrical insulating shoes help or soles should have standard number ( GB12011) , electrical insulating words ( Or English abbreviations & other; 嗯” ) And lightning tag and withstand voltage value. 2, factory name, shoe number, product or brand name, date of production and electrical insulating properties ex-factory inspection seal. 3, each electrical insulating shoes used paper bags, plastic bags and carton packaging. On the bag or box should have content is: product name, Example: 6 kv leather cattle insulated shoes, 5 kv insulation cloth cover rubber shoes, 20 kv insulated rubber boots, etc. ) And the standard number ( GB12011) , name of manufacturer, shoe number, trade mark and the use of information, etc. 2, use note 1, electrical insulating labor insurance shoes sometimes called an electrician, executive standard GB12011 - 2000. The main technical parameters: experimental 6 kv voltage, leakage current & le; 1. 8 ma time 1 min no breakdown. 2, shoes for 6 kv leather cattle face insulated shoes, suitable for working environment 1 kv following dress, while working as a auxiliary and safe appliance and use labor protection articles shoes. When use, must strictly abide by rules of electric power safety engineering ( DL408 and DL409) The provisions of the. 3, electric insulation labor insurance shoes when its working environment should be kept dry. 4, labor insurance shoes with sharp instrument, high temperature, acid, alkali or other corrosive materials contact, who help the bottom of corrosion and damage, all cannot be used for electrical insulating shoes again. 5, labor insurance shoes store, should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, prevent mildew, piled up off the ground, walls, 0. More than 2 m. Shelf life of 24 months, more than 24 months of electrical insulating labor insurance shoes must be preventative electrical test.
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