Electric power industry safety priority

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Electric power production every year there are a lot of life or personal injury accident, read in the case of the accident happened in the past, it is not hard to see behind every painful lessons, are nothing more than XXX safety consciousness about the thin, no wear labor protection articles or serious violation of operating procedures. So-and-so production safety responsibility is not strong, paralysis caused habitual peccancy operation, so-and-so to the construction environment not familiar with, improper security measures taken, and so on. To sum up the lessons of the blood, completes the safety is the primary, workers should also according to the chapter. Although some units and individuals on work safety, safety week, attaches great importance to the safety month safety day activities, but at ordinary times, to grasp the safety work is relatively weak. Say a set, is a set, do the security work & other Know also fearless & throughout; 。 If some workers only when leadership inspection work will wear safety shoes, work clothes, usually do not check dress very casually. Because these in paralysis on safety consciousness, there is no psychological, so just can have life-threatening accidents. Actually, grasp the safety work must be institutionalized, standardization, persistent. Especially for electric power industry in the steady development of today, even more to continuous and stable the situation of production safety, safety is the lifeblood of the development of electric power enterprise, safety is the lifeline of every employee, safety responsibility is more important than mount tai, safety in production a long way to go. Only always don't forget to safety, safety operation, safety to the guarantee of building a harmonious power. Therefore, we must for safety accident & other; Often reflect & throughout; 、“ Many memories & throughout; 。 Insist on & other; Safety first, prevention first & throughout; The guidelines. Security must first grasp the source and implement, to have & other; Chang huaikang suffering heart, always think safety, often try to carry out the responsibility & throughout; The & other; 3 often throughout the &; Spirit. Make every employee aware of the importance of safety work and the necessity, WuZhen strives for realism, brainstorming, taut strings of safety in the work, improve safety awareness, consciously take the initiative to wear safety shoes labor insurance shoes, used to use labor protection articles. In this way can we truly make & other; Mandatory safety & throughout; Into & other; Consciously safety & throughout; Action, built a strong safety work for the enterprise real & other; Firewall & throughout; 。
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