Cut the instep, fearless sharp iron

by:BEF     2020-07-26
Strongest in the history of the typhoon, 'shanzhu' everywhere all is meets the curtain, more issued a red alert signal, can reach 14 level wind power of typhoon, cars can teleport, who is a cinch. According to reports, Hong Kong has a large number of glass was blowing up, is the m word posted blessing cannot resist, so the whole flying, tall also sway in the wind, the wind to think about. Through the baptism of the typhoon day, look you can see many trees, broken glass and iron was lifted, and the presence of these objects will bring certain harm to human body, this is not, after a disaster is the mass of iron cut, according to the parties concerned about 'what I walked behind, instep was played once, thought how so pain, she was walking in front of me, direct trip to stumble a few steps on the road. I don't call me with her also to me, a look at carefully, the ground has a pool of blood. Look back only to find the door a sharp iron cock, above is blood. 'Then the injured were rushed to the hospital and learned from the doctor, the little girl's foot instep tendons, need an operation, the operation is successful, a bone one hundred days, in the next three months can't touch, to keep up. Oh, my gosh! Small make up first saw this news is really stunned, however, surprised the matter and who can say good time? And I have cut vamp protect my safety prevention, although be tin hurt this kind of thing is rare, but it also reminds us that walk must be careful.
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