Cut metal against cut cloth with soft cloth compared to the difference in what place?

by:BEF     2020-07-25
Every things and things has its two sides, the chef can make delicious food for us with a knife, but at the same time, the knife is the same hurtful things. For the control of guns in our country is very strict, and we worry can be put down in the subject, in the use of knives, machetes, bayonets, long knife, knife type, because the human body damage caused by the action is different, different strength is changed. In order to better protect our law enforcement officials, police, armed police, the research and development to create the corresponding riot gear, extra clothes, etc. On extra clothing fabrics application, can be divided into metals and the cutting cloth and soft cutting cloth, soft kind of application is in the fabric and garment is equipped with a protective layer, between the protective layer is general by tens of special fiber plain weave or dozens of special fiber layer one-way permutation glue them into a superposition of sewing for whole together, then use the breadth of cloth and lining cloth to sew protective layer in the inside, final assembly into extra clothes, this kind of the soft proof than the hard material of the metal cutting cloth, wearing more comfortable, lightweight, in action is more flexible and is not restricted. Prevent cut cloth when made into all kinds of finished products need to be sizing processing, easy over the surface of the puncture proof cloth for all kinds of processing, such as printing, surface smooth processing, use of sizing device as a whole is bad now, mainly for speed control and turn the roll shaft strength is not enough. No one is perfect, no finished parts, each object has its own advantages and disadvantages, as long as we choose appropriate oneself use the cut cloth is ok?
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