Cut cloth is high strength, heat resistant fabric

by:BEF     2020-07-13
Since the founding of new China 60 years, times have changed dramatically, the biggest change is the phone more intelligent, more convenient shopping, formal step into an intelligent network in the new century. This year, the cut cloth fabric has affected the outdoor market for years, and triggered a huge industry innovation. Not only have lightweight, quick-drying, soft, persistence, strong functional fabrics, but also has a remarkable regulating function of humidity management. Drying speed is faster than 100% cotton t-shirts. 2. 5 times. And more than 30 years has been a durable fabrics of choice of high-performance equipment and clothing, the most emotional appeal restoring ancient ways of urban young unruly, special structure of the fabric give it excellent abrasion resistance, extreme emotional appeal restoring ancient ways of urban young unruly, gave it excellent wear resistance of special structure of fabrics, etc. Our anti cut cloth both softness and have cut resistant, suitable for cutting and sewing processing. Prevent cut for cutting cloth processing and become, have prevent cut and anti-theft alarm function; Mobile phones and other electronic products, video and audio signals can be output by the display on the inclusions and way, make its better multimedia and entertainment. With the cutting bag can prevent clothing blade cross cut, such as effective protection bag items. Cut gloves to prevent blade row cut, its hard sand can 'biting' sword, which can realize the cut and 'take knife', particularly suitable for army and police. Prevent the sharp objects such as cut shoes can prevent the blade row cut, its soles has stronger puncture-proof function, and very wear-resisting, can enhance the protection of the feet. Wide range of application of visible against the cut cloth against cutting bag, can be made into against cutting shoe, contain cut glove, cut bag of clothing, protective clothing, helmets, prevent cut tent, chair cover, motor vehicle interior cloth, and cover, etc.
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