Crispy chicken cut collar, magical about where exactly?

by:BEF     2020-07-17
Historically, the word 'security has been the words from his mouth, put in my heart, can apparently found across into the 21st century today, the security have become the subject of the era of widespread concern is the international society, in order to development and prosperity, we had a more consistent goal, also began to search through more channels, all kinds of means to a better solution. Therefore, hot spicy chicken cut cloth collar was born, I heard that is magical, unprecedented, after, with all of you today his mysterious veil together! The current widespread use of ordinary clothing is a common chemical fiber and cotton fiber woven cloth. As a result of the fracture strength of these fibers are low, so it can't resist being a knife, can't resist wear and damage caused by frequent use. The low strength of broken fibers in knife, knife cut, offered no protection object edges and scratches. Online recently pushed a new cut cloth proof clothes, is long sleeve, pull a chain and high collar design can effectively protect the neck. In flexible, soft, very light without action. Still even in bad weather conditions to ensure the stability of the cutting performance. The harmful heavy metal products. Protection is not only confined to the cutting tool, and can effectively reduce the damage from all the sharp sharp objects. Such as 'broken glass' and 'broken bottle' objects, such as tensile strength and wear resistance is extremely high, has the prevention for the class teeth bite and laceration resistant, wear, and other functions, can be used to bite and accident protection such as HIV patients may be powerful force in the tear. This hot spicy chicken cut cloth collar, once it was outstanding.
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