Cowhide is not blow, safety shoe factory tutor you true and false cowhide distinguish method

by:BEF     2020-12-09
Safety shoes are often used in daily life, but safety shoes manufacturer so much, how to identify whether safety shoes leather is real cowhide? In fact can through the ( Pore, cross section) And second touch ( Texture) , three smell ( Leather smelly) These three steps, you can identify more than 95% of the leather is head layer cowhide. 1, the surface without disability, uniform texture, without any defects may be synthetic leather; Natural leather should have certain differences, especially the external ankle shoes, shoes, the first major parts. 2, observe pore distribution and shape, natural fur hole depth, bottom not easily, and slightly tilted, and pore shallow vertical is synthetic leather. 3, from the section observation, the opposite of synthetic leather to present plastic or cloth base, while natural leather for wool fiber. 4, polish it with water, easy water is natural leather, on the other hand, is a synthetic leather. Burn, with a plastic the smell of burnt food for synthetic leather, anxious burnt flavour for natural leather. Safety shoes in accordance with the strict leather purchase and screening system, after stretching, pull to rise, tearing resistance, such as testing, selects the buffalo hide, reach European standard 2 leather thickness. 0 mm above, be in commonly 2. 0 - 2. Between 2 mm, at least 1. 8 mm, sincere bring workmates of beauty to enjoy, protect the security of the foot workmates.
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