Correct selection of labor insurance shoes are essential

by:BEF     2020-11-25
According to the international standards, the most important characteristics of industrial safety shoes is to protect feet from sharp objects stabbed, minimum bear the puncture force of 1100 n, under the impact of the strong absorption kinetic energy to the 200 joules. Most contemporary safety shoes also added other security features, develop different categories of products. Including steel plate design, prevent foot nails and other sharp objects pierced. Other features include skid resistance [ Forward movement] And grip [ Backward movement] 。 other safety features include preset minimum antistatic property, temperature resistance, resistance to specific fuel and chemicals [ Acid and alkali] Sex. Comfort and health, comfortable safety shoes can improve the work efficiency of workers, to prevent the feet or legs chronic disease. Comfort performance of the most important indicators include shoe materials must conform to the specific standard of waterproof and breathable, inside materials should be easy to absorb sweat, easy to disperse the smell after take off their shoes. Other safety features include a base of soles design, on foot and arch support, soft and elastic degree, a foot pad and heel shock design. Main lumber durable industrial safety shoes for cowhide leather or water. usually directly cast into the instep, combining effect is quite perfect, maximum limit reduces the bottom, the phenomenon such as water seepage or into the dust. with durability, abrasion resistance and puncture resistance and so on characteristics, therefore, even in the most difficult work environment, can also be in a very durable time, have the effect of safety protection. Fashion design fashion design is increasingly attracting the attention of consumers, more and more safety shoes are imitation shoes modelling and color matching. According to the relevant data statistics show that: the foot and leg protection: 66% leg injured workers did not wear safety shoes, 33% are in general recreational shoe, injured workers, the shoe department 85% hit because items are not protected. To protect the leg feet from under item drops, rolling, spikes, molten metal wet, hot surface, surface damage, workers must use appropriate foot protection and safety shoes or boots or leggings. Safety shoes to protect the steel toe head must have enough function to prevent heavy and sharp material, accord with national standard. Purchase of safety shoes is a kind of investment, to avoid the costs of inductrial injury huge spending. Purchase of safety shoes is a caring, boss CARES about employees' safety. Purchase of safety shoes is a thoughtful, wear safety shoes to reassure your family.
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