Correct selection of a few basic points of labor insurance shoes size

by:BEF     2020-12-03
Labor insurance shoes in the market circulation of shoe size is cluttered, reliable method is through try to select the appropriate labor insurance shoes on. Try to comfort, the top of the shoe of baotou steel does not produce extrusion and the foot to foot, toes can flexible activities, without the feeling of sliding forward or backward, heel without take off their shoes when walking. Known as a base, is mainly refers to: the size of your shoes and feet, is also a big; Toes can free activities in the shoes; Flank supporting strong joint arch of the shoe; Heel of the shoe. Even try to choose labor insurance shoes, with the essentials of the choice also can't neglect. Suggestions from the following several aspects to choose labor insurance shoes size: 1, labor insurance shoes fore have a certain margin, especially the labor insurance shoes, because its front have hard steel head, wear, pay attention to the top of the shoe to have enough margin. If standing at ordinary times longer, then the toes should be room for activities more, otherwise, the toes are in a state of compression for a long time, time is long will feet really hurt! There are a lot of people feel the same when choosing labor insurance shoes shoe number of labor insurance shoes wear fashion shoes are larger than usual, this is in labor insurance shoes made in accordance with national requirements increased, we actually what size of shoes to wear at ordinary times, buy what size of the labor insurance shoes can be. 2, labor insurance shoes of different varieties and its measure of demand is not the same. Feet measure is expressed in the width of the foot and the plantar toe girth, shoes is a measure with shoes cavity size of interior space, it depend on the shoes with shoe tree plantar toe girth and here the bottom width size, generally determined by the manufacturer to choose, consumers can only choose by fitting effect. 3, labor insurance shoes heel is not tight not loose just coincide with the heel. 4, labor insurance shoes can't squeeze the instep. 5, labor insurance shoes flank and anastomosed with the foot arch waist must BaoJiao help.
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