Construction workers are need to wear labor insurance shoes of the type of work

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Construction industry is a high-risk industry, in the construction site work environment if you're not careful been rusty nail deep, is likely to cause tetanus, serious possible fatal, so a strong pair of safety shoes is very important for construction workers. And they wear has special functions of preventing smashing needle safety shoes is to a large extent can protect their feet, to ensure safe operation. Risk involved when the job is the construction site, from the elevated surface ( The elevated no railing, balcony or surface, etc. ) Fall, fall into the cellar or open pit of medium. The plane sliding to, stumble, and fall. Hit by falling objects. Stepped on a sharp object, collisions with sharp or protruding objects. At the scene of the work was on mechanical engineering equipment. Is to be demolished, drilling, cutting and similar operations eye damage of stone and metal debris. Caused by contact, breathing dust cement and building the skin inflammation and the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). Because working posture, carrying heavy objects, repeated pressure, joints, pressure etc. , cause musculoskeletal system is damaged. Preventive measures all of the working face must be installed securely to prevent people or objects or falls off. Should the rail ( Low, middle and upper board) Do security protection and in good condition. When need extra security protection must be provided. All openings must have protection. Must wear safety shoes with non-slip soles, face slippery should be considered. Protection of personal protective equipment, including safety helmet, safety shoes, goggles, etc. Working surface, floor, sidewalks and similar areas should be kept clean, no protruding nails, wire and other obstacles, at the same time, need to wear a puncture resistant safety shoes, to puncture proof the soles. Should avoid artificial carrying heavy objects, should wear has to protect the safety of toes shoes, as far as possible use of lifting equipment. Overalls should be consistent with the weather condition, ensure workers to drink enough water to avoid dry, according to the requirements and local conditions wear safety gloves and safety clothing. Any threat or attack to contact the police. For the affected or suspect could be poisonous insect hatching and fuck the region of nest area, weighing sprayed with drugs. In addition to the above preventive measures, aiming at the condition of the site construction site cross homework more, we ask that the construction workers wearing safety shoes with special function, more effective measures to ensure the operation safety.
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