Construction site what to wear shoes is the best?

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Construction site seems to be safe, but for a person engaged in such work is very dangerous, especially for those who work on the construction site for a long time. So at the site must be prepared to work a variety of protective measures, such as the safety rope, safety helmet, safety shoes, protective gloves and other equipment. Of course, for safety, the head is the most important. But our foot also nots allow to ignore, that how do we protect our feet? Below we give examples of several related site dangerous and to recommend a few special features: shoes on the construction site often sharp objects, such as nails or legacy of sundries sundries, etc; If accidentally stepped on foot, light person hurt our feet, make feet skin, bleeding; The person that weigh can penetrate our soles, seriously endangering the wounded after walking safe, so recommend the use of anti puncture safety shoes. Underground, underground operation, the foot can be toxic soak to bad water or other liquid, it will hurt our feet skin; In a short period of time may appear small problems such as itching; After long time can cause skin lesions, affecting the safety walk, therefore recommend using waterproof safety shoes. Falling objects and heavy objects hit to foot accidentally overturned, leading to the foot injury and inductrial injury caused by excess spending, therefore recommend the use of anti safety shoes.
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