Consciously wear labor insurance supplies, life better

by:BEF     2020-12-05
A man's life only once, everyone should cherish their life. From the manufacturing industry, the simplest way of love of life is consciously wear labor insurance supplies, specific to a pair of safety shoes, a safety helmet. Often we can hear or see some accident, some just because of the construction workers forget to wear safety shoes, maybe some people will feel is not just a pair of labor insurance shoes, what a big deal. But sometimes less precisely because this pair of safety shoes, foot was badly hurt in an accident. In daily life, because a little carelessness caused the tragedy of countless. Although this kind of situation often happen, but I don't wear habits of the people still have a lot of appliances for labor protection. Exactly why is this so? Four reasons: first, their own safety consciousness is not strong, always think tragedy will not happen to me, he is a lucky dog; Second, in terms of enterprises, and does not provide enough for employees, labor insurance supplies, leading to an injured employees; Three, everybody understanding of labor insurance supplies are not enough thorough, didn't really aware of the importance of labor insurance supplies, always ignored the existence of the appliances for labor protection; Four, related department of propaganda of insufficient, should strengthen the propaganda, called for the staff of some industries at the same time of development, don't forget about the necessary safety measures. Safety is a permanent of the topic. Life safety to the people engaged in manufacturing industry, is really very simple, wear a pair of safety shoes before work, wear a helmet, do each work consciously wear labor insurance supplies, life will become better.
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