Composite material safety shoes is how to make head?

by:BEF     2020-07-29
Green rather than blue, the sea is still higher than a wave, front wave by wave after shoot dead on the beach. Upgrading of products is quickly, and the basic of every generation product updates will be more perfect than the previous generation products, higher performance and more able to cater to the needs of the consumers, the following members for everybody to introduce new products, in recent years 'to be bestowed favor on newly' composite safety shoes. Composite safety shoes head by multi-layer coating of resin paste bonded glass fiber cloth, pressing and become, resin paste components include polyester resin, initiator, low shrinkage additive, remover, thickening agent and crosslinking agent, composite material safety shoes head formula design scientific and reasonable, has good mechanical properties, strength, greatly enhance the impact resistance, effectively avoid playing in the process of walking to a foreign object or bruised by falling objects, break a toe phenomenon, high safety, and corrosion resistance, the advantages of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, acid resistance, service life greatly. At the same time, the composite material safety shoes head its corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and excellent springback deformation features, will be more and more get the welcome of the industry.
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