Composite bottom shoes material

by:BEF     2020-06-27

rubber: used for various sports shoes outsole, its characteristic is: good abrasion resistance, prevent slippery, elastic, not easy fracture, flexibility is good, have good extensibility and contraction stability, hardness, bending. But the heavier weight, not easy corrosion.

EVA soles: vinyl acetate copolymer, polymer materials. EVA soles are often used to jog, walk, casual shoes, training shoes in the bottom. EVA sole features are: light, good elasticity, flexibility, not easy to wrinkle, has excellent color, suitable for all kinds of climate. But easy to water absorption, easy to dirty.

TPR: TPR aggregates after hot melt injection molding molding, often used in jogging, walking, casual shoes, bottoms. Its features are: easy to shape, the price is cheap. But its material is heavier, not wear-resisting, softness, bending, shock absorption strength are weaker.

MD: EVA secondary high pressure FRP products, running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes in the world in the bottom of the main materials, there are also used for recreational shoe soles. Its features are: light, elastic, fine appearance, softness, easy to clean, the hardness, density, tensile elongation, tear, all have good performance, but should pay attention to is easy to wrinkle and shrinkage at high temperature.

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