Completes the safety protection measures to prevent against damage

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Renovation project of a unit plant, three did not wear safety shoes lath in concrete ground pressure light within the plant, at the same time, an electrical installation work in a borehole wall height to the plant embedded pipeline, all of a sudden, half brick falling from a height, is one of the plant of wet feet, immediately the wet feet bleeding, immediately sent to hospital. Common objects hit steel, brick, wood, templates, spare parts or tools against accidents. To enter the construction site must wear safety shoes labor insurance shoes, wearing a helmet. Materials to be neatly stacked, smooth, job site to timely cleaning, do work full-time. Stereo crossover operation, and reliable security isolation protective measures should be taken, it is strictly prohibited in the same vertical plane and homework at the same time. As prescribed in the fall within the radius of gangway erection of double safety protection. Buildings facing edges or the surrounding high-rise buildings, application of dense mesh type safety set net closed, to prevent fall injury brick ballast, stones, tools, etc. High homework personnel should match tool bag, small tools, materials, accessories and so on should be loaded into the bag, along with it, to prevent falling. Cut brick masonry construction on the scaffold, to face the wall, avoid the blocks to fly to frame trauma. Security experts remind not to take any protective measures, it is strictly prohibited in the same vertical plane and three-dimensional homework. From the exterior to the hole, must to the indoor signal danger. Construction workers must wear a good helmet wearing safety shoes. Cleaning the floors of the construction waste and debris, should be concentrated into the trash can or inside the hopper, and promptly to the ground, it is forbidden to throw out from the window material. Piled up in the floor of various materials, accessories, etc. , is apart from the edge distance should be greater than 1. 5 meters, beside the expansion joints, should not be stacked materials. When sending material up and down, the knot must be fastened, vertical transport bulk pack luggage trolley, long expected to bind firmly, grasp the center of gravity, balance of hanging things, to prevent falling object cuts. Build-up or dismantled scaffold and large template, must set the alert zone in operational areas, and designated persons responsible for alert, it is forbidden to irrelevant personnel through the alert area. Dismantle all of the material to unify crane to the ground, not to the ground from a height the toss. When the rack turning frame board, should be cleaning the stuff on the frame plate. No matter what job, wear labor protection articles according to the requirement, and pay attention to the work of some common attack damage, some danger can be avoided.
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