Comparing the characteristics of the PU, TPR, PVC

by:BEF     2020-07-09
Below compare the characteristics of PU and TPR, PVC: compared with PVC, TPR, PU at the end of light, wear-resisting, elastic, continuous, prevent slippery, prevent oil, wearing comfortable, etc, is more outstanding; PVC, TPR is good PU waste recycling; Equipment investment PU is PVC, TPR cheap; Production efficiency both roughly equal; Mould cost PU can adopt a kind of fast, cheap resin mold, cost for the metal mould of 1/10 ~ 1/5, 24 h to complete, PVC, TPR can only use a metal mold, high cost, long cycle; PVC, TPR better appearance quality control; PVC, TPR equipment and process maturity.

: is the main defect PU soles surface finish, flatness is not enough. Color difference obvious, porosity, pore. In addition, there are burnt-out, rotten defects such as bubble. This shows that the PU soles production technology and equipment, such as PU is not yet mature. PU soles is made of low density foam material after chemical reaction forming, the difficulty of equipment and process is difficult. Short, of course, the history of the PU, there is also a process of understanding and mastery.

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