Compared with steel bottom, anti puncture in the bottom have what change?

by:BEF     2020-07-10
As occupational safety frequent accidents in recent years, in occupational safety that has received widespread popularity, you can see the use of protective equipment in the special industry now is doing very good, and in the selection of puncture in the bottom is also in constant improvement, this really give workers more comprehensive protection! Existing labor protection shoes, or work generally USES the steel plate material anti puncture in the bottom shoes, in order to prevent the sharp objects pierced the bottom of ordinary shoes and stabbed the laborer. Due to the steel plate belongs to metal material, the weight and stiffness big, small and softness, wear this kind of shoe fatigue; Additional labor protection shoes outsole and the bottom material with the bottom of adhesive force in steel, so the adhesion force between the difference in the upper and bottom, easy to cause the instep and bottoms out. Compared with anti puncture in the end he not only soft, light weight, and strong adhesion force between upper, and its performance and anti puncture in the bottom steel in the bottom of the same. To prevent puncture in the bottom, his function can only be getting better and better, more and more advanced, only homework safety first, it can embody the greatest value!
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