Common five different cortical labor insurance shoes maintenance method

by:BEF     2020-12-03
Labor insurance shoes safety shoes and protective class is a general designation, generally refers to work in different occasions with the have to protect your feet and legs from the foreseeable damage of footwear. Different labor insurance shoes suitable scope is different, also different to the requirement of function and Chinese shoes material. For according to the different material of labor insurance shoes said below how to classify maintenance. A: shadow sheepskin class work shoes maintenance shadow sheepskin do a simple class of work shoes, with good shoes and cream. 2: butter skin class work shoes and maintenance should be paid attention to when wearing waterproof, anti-fouling, suggest using or sofa leather cleaner. Three: snake leather class work shoes maintenance can use milk or water-borne brightener do, must not use oily brightener, prevent hardening. Four: light, fog surface cowhide leather class work shoes maintenance in more than 10 degrees Celsius in the best, so that the coating is not easy to fracture. Surface care had better use white or colorless shoe milk, especially the unavailability of oily brightener, otherwise it will cause peeling coating. Five: paint dirt of surface of class work shoes maintenance can use wet cloth clean to graze, also available leather cleaner or cleansing cream, do breast care but can't use brightener or shoes. Brightener can cause false peeling coating, shoes milk can make face wrinkles, paint had better be in more than 10 degrees Celsius is wearing. Normal wear labor insurance shoes, used shoes cloth or soft hair brush to dust. The heel and the shoe body slot position, usable pointed brush wipe dirt, and then into the stand, prevent leather deformation. If no shoe stretcher, the newspaper can be put in instead. If work shoes wet and use dry cloth absorb the moisture in the leather shoes, in a cool ventilated place after let the shoes dry naturally, don't put wet work shoes next to the sun exposure, air conditioning or with ram air dry, otherwise it's easy to have a blowout phenomenon.
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