Comfortable performance anti puncture in the bottom?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
Once upon a time people in the pursuit of the material of shoes has a certain, now after decades of aesthetic changes, people began to the appearance of the shoes and comfortable had the higher request, this for special operations, believed to be more empathy, first joined the steel plate and puncture-proof shoes in the bottom, while steel in adapt ergonomic improvements, but the inherent characteristics of high toughness and high elasticity also let a foot structure still is limited by a certain normal bending, so your feet can easily feel fatigue. How to better solve the fatigue caused by the bottom in steel? Can be protective foot injury and fatigue and prevent the foot is a pair of not easy to solve contradictions. But we can be the direction of development is, the soles structure should be to have good foot and arch support, better soft and elastic. Therefore, the material of steel should be a change for the 'quality' is. Anti puncture in the bottom and in steel bottom is different, he is a mining height are broken strength of polyester fiber, not only has a bottom in steel puncture resistant, more soft, at the same time also more resistant to twists and turns, relatively light weight, wear comfortable. More is not conductive, prevent metal detectors in steel bottom incomparable advantages. On the balance between high strength and softness, and puncture-proof found in the bottom, not only lower the quality of products, but also reduce the fatigue of operation personnel, feel more comfortable.
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