Cold injection shoes, sticky shoes, to choose which good?

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Difference between cement and injection shoes are the most obvious feature is the soles, injection shoes heel or edge line, that's because the shoes leave the mark of the mold. Cold glued heel or edge is not line. The craft is different, direct injection molding machine for injection shoes is to use the PU material injected into outer mold and upper glue for the integration of process method. Its technological characteristics is done automatically feeding, metering, foaming, injection, mold closing and opening mold and molding. Cold sticky shoes is artificial in the soles and upper joint coated with glue, then through a method of heat treatment of adhesive. ( Company injection shoemaking DE shi production equipment) Injection shoes because of using the PU material, material evenly, anti-corrosive, soles and the vamp does not glue, soles antiflex, wear-resisting, waterproof, low carbon environmental protection. Cold sticky shoes for use glue adhesion, soles and does the vamp is easy to glue, not waterproof, glue of benzene is harmful to human body. Outdoor sports or labor protection wearing safety shoes or labor insurance shoes injection shoes, or choose cold sticky shoes, self-evident.
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