Closed production workshop anti-static application of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-27
Closed workshop manufacturing industry is the need to have the electrostatic protection, or eliminate electrostatic or static voltage control in the allowed range, it does not produce harm. To esd in simple terms is to prevent the accumulation to a certain extent, to breakdown some electronic products, unnecessary scrap rate, increasing costs caused by waste. So the work area for operators people must be anti-static wearing safety shoes, for some heavy pressure of workshop, we also require the workers wear proof antistatic safety shoes. In the relatively closed production workshop, some products in the electrostatic damage is easy to be electrostatic breakdown, and some local electric spark can start a fire. If the workers without wearing anti-static function of safety shoes when walking around is likely to cause harmful static friction. Anti-static safety shoes is to use anti-static and conductive soles, ask in inflammable and explosive work environment and clean dust-free sterile workshop in order to reduce and eliminate electrostatic hazard and wearing safety shoes. Production factory closed, tend to have in the factory machinery and equipment, products, raw materials handling and transportation, may occur in some of the weight carrying heavy pressure on his foot injury, if wear resistant to hit functional safety shoes from its harm. Because the hit a safety shoes is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within shoes and shoes, and put a sponge, baotou pads at the end of article, can smooth in baotou and the integration of a shoe, can increase the folding resistance and comfort. Closed clean workshop production industry in reality caused by the electrostatic accidents occur frequently, so a closed anti-static clean workshop ability to evaluate their quality has become a noticeable aspects. So we repeatedly in the production workshop, in order to prevent electrostatic to carry and require operators people wear anti-static function of safety shoes, if involves some type of work, they also need to wear the multi-function of the hit antistatic safety shoes, this is not only do their safety protection, and create a safe production environment to the enterprise.
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