Cleaning safety shoes easily some freaky and settling

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Safety shoes through a period of time will be regularly cleaned, in order to make it more durable, regular cleaning is the most key also allows you to let you in front of friends and colleagues to create a clean image of a good man, then follow small make up hurriedly up cleaning tips, a few action allows you to easily get rid of the image sloppy man. 1, clean a. To the dirty of safety shoes, touch water clean with the brush first, for the leather shoes ( Such as nylon side) As long as with a sponge clean warm water. If oil dirties, or very dirty strong decontamination, using a leather cleaner and nylon brush, cleaning surface, of shoes lining, use wet cloth to wipe clean, avoid the sweat of salt would quickly into the wool stoma of leather through the lining, and destroy the leather organization, make it become dry and cracking. b。 After clean USES shoes dry brush to lose material, use dial agent for processing. Do not use shoe polish or shoe polish, it will weaken the permeability of the shoe. c。 Clean the leather shoes with cold water washing, dry naturally. To deal with dial agent after drying. Do not use shoe polish or shoe polish, it will weaken the permeability of the shoe. d。 Dyeing lining, in case of water, be affected with damp be affected with damp and friction, sometimes have rub off phenomenon, as normal. 2, dry: a. All of the safety shoes must be dried at room temperature. Because of the leather is easy damaged, bending deformation, dry and cracking, so don't will shoes near a heat source or exposure in the sun. b。 Thick mud, let the wind blow dry and clean. Do not use the fire to dry, excessive heat, leather can dry, wrinkled, and the quality of the adhesive will be destroyed, will be melted the soles. c。 Do not use stove or hair dryer to dry! If you use the stove or hair dryer to dry, it will not only severe deformation, does cause cracking or glue etc. Phenomenon, but also seriously affect the service life. 3, maintenance: maintenance of safety shoes can continue to use for several years, regularly use shoe maintain article, maintaining leather surface water resistance and recovery. If not waterproof shoes for maintenance and water treatment, waterproof fabric permeability is not damage, but will affect the permeability, durability and comfort of the shoe. 一个。 Can use the cortex protective spray wax or brand special spray wax on the shoes uniform spray 2 - Three times, is conducive to prolong service life. b。 Resistance to water treatment: in the leather shoes with water repellent treatment after dry. Water intrusion from the seam line, the waterproofing agent can improve the instep and suture of the waterproof degree, new purchase outdoor shoes must use waterproof repeat apply for a period of time. c。 Parts of the tongue brush oil can prevent the leather from noise, wipe the oil on the metal parts can prevent them from oxidation, rust. 4, storage: after each safety shoes, insoles, relax your shoes, let the shoes dry naturally. If shoes are wet, in accordance with the above tips let the shoes dry quickly, but I don't recommend the use of newspapers, because newspapers may lead, have damage to the human body. Shoes either freshly washed or through, you must first dry and then away, as far as possible dry seal, mouldproof and moth-proofing products or desiccant, and regularly check air is basked in.
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