Choosing the right labor work shoes, is to choose the safety!

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Labor work shoes according to the function different can be divided into four types: 1, prevent hit anti-static; 2, prevent hit insulation; 3, prevent to smash puncture proof antistatic; 4, prevent to smash puncture proof insulation. Customers usually choose according to their different needs, different types of labor work shoes. So, we should how to correctly select safe labor insurance shoes? Before choosing safety labor insurance shoes, in fact, we need to understand the workers in the job, will encounter something makes your feet hurt: 1, operation tools have hard goods, these items fall or slide to the foot injury workers; 2, have a sharp objects fall or decline will Pierce shoes, hurt your feet; 3, sharp items easy to cut the skin; 4, the ground is too slippery, antiskid shoes may not result in workers accidentally fell down when homework, lead to other accidents; 5, homework environment corrosive acid salt, high temperature, low temperature or under the molten state of the metal. According to the above situation, we can refer to the following when choosing safety labor insurance shoes 5:1, safety, labor insurance shoes besides to meet the requirements of the job, but also according to their own situation to choose the appropriate size, only the dress fit comfortable, can finish the task in more flexible when working, not for shoes is too big or too small lead to action inconvenience. 2, generally choose labor work shoes, want to pay attention to whether the antiskid, avoid workers operation steps damaged or fall on the floor in the wet, a series of accidents, and so on. 3, the same operation requirement for labor work shoes may be more than 1, in some cases may only need to prevent slippery, others need to hit a skid prevention anti-static, when choosing safety labor insurance shoes, should consider whether the requirements well, but also can't only depend on the labor insurance shoes, oneself also should avoid the happening of the accident at work. 4, in the use of labor work shoes during operations, shall carefully check good test, in acidic, alkaline or charged environment, labor insurance shoes if there is damage or cracking. Once found this kind of phenomenon, should immediately stop using, the labor insurance shoes for repair or replacement. 5, after finishing the homework, labor insurance shoes should be placed in dry wash immediately with disinfectant or tap water and dry in the shade, prevent sun direct sun. Believe that as long as you pay attention to when choosing safety labor insurance shoes above 5 points, to make workers in the job to get more security.
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