Choose the sole mold factory key control points

by:BEF     2020-11-22
Choose the soles mold factory, is also worthy of our concern, how do we choose the soles mold factory critical control points? Small make up today to share the key to choose the sole mold factory control points are as follows: 1. ID - MD, mould - Injection of industrial design is the art and reality of the game. In domestic industrial design, many entrepreneurs and product managers will value ID and MD. Domestic design company, also can read the ID is very heavy, MD is considered less. 2. Key process equipment mould from material to finished product, need after grinding machine, milling machine, CNC, W/C, EDB, EDM, tempering, polishing, quality supervision, inspection and assembly departments repeatedly processing. According to the different requirements of precision grinding tool, shape, size, the designer can choose between different processing procedure and process sequence and repeatability, so as to ensure the accuracy of the mold and efficiency. 3. Kanban, look at the site template kanban: kanban can help us to capture a lot of information of the factory, for example, how the process management, the success rate/timely rate is high, and so on. See template: including the sample room, and are proofing. 4. Avoid problems are stacked mould out is OK product for the first time, to do would have been OK. People who go to change, folding problem, then the problem will always occur. 5. Good master hand drawing mould factory, the master hand drawing is clean, the dimensions shown on the drawings have tolerance requirement. No experience will repeatedly altered. Choose the sole mold factory critical control points, basically see the above several factors, hope can help to you.
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