Choose suitable labor insurance shoes, need to consider the environmental factors?

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Before selecting safety shoes, we must first understand cause employees to foot injured main harm, directly or indirectly in any of the following 6 items: 1, by hard, rolling, or objects touched down. 2, by the sharp objects pierced the soles or shoes. 3, cuts from sharp objects, and even make the skin torn apart. 4, lubrication, fall. 5, contact with chemicals, molten metal, the surface of the high and low temperatures. 6, work in the environment full of flammable gas, if the release of electrostatic treatment inappropriate, then become a fuel source, at any time to cause explosion. In addition, the electrical conductivity of the foot can also affect employee contact power device, an electric shock hazard. Know these information, help to choose labor insurance shoes analysis. When the choice, the following factors must be considered: 1, the construction of the environment, such as: ground wet? Uneven ground? Are there many near log with nails or other sharp obstacles? 2, contact materials, such as: corrosive chemicals. Hot liquid. The heavy and difficult to goods or roller, etc. 3, use or contact with machinery and equipment, such as: electric device. Fork lift truck. Sharp hand tools. 4, working procedure, for example: dump chemicals. Dealing with high temperature liquid. Welding work. Human handling.
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