Choose greatly exquisite proof on safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Up prevention safety shoes is one of the important protective equipment USES a very wide range, in production or engineering site, the ground situation was complex, personnel easily stabbed by the sharp object, slip, electric shock or being injured by weight parts, this time need on prevention safety shoes to provide protection, a lot of engineering and production site must wear the safety shoes. The most basic should choose qualified products, due to the hit shoes belong to safety bureau regulations of special labor protection supplies, through 3 card regulation in the form of a target, so as long as have three certificates of a mark against the shoes are all qualified, can satisfy the basic functions and specifications of the hit mark of special functions. All eligible proof on safety shoes can satisfy the requirement of the basic protection, but different anti hit the target of safety shoes have different, to adapt to the different requirements and the environment, we select the smashing safety shoes have mainly focused on the following requirements: 1) Special performance requirements if there is no special performance requirements, ordinary jobs, asked only hit, that can use PU soles, light weight and soft, wearing comfortable. 2) Comfortable shoe is the most easy to ignore when the choose and buy shoes parts, but the sole role is to be reckoned with. Besides non-slip soles, decorative pattern, also have the function of the earthquake. Good work safety shoes, some brand often is drilling stone such high-grade non-slip background. This non-slip background not only prevent slippery effect is good, but also can effectively dispersed when walking on arch, arch fatigue alleviation effect in order to achieve. 3) Price we need to first locate the main functional requirement, can't request all functions at the same time, because the shoes of the above functions sometimes can't have at the same time, and even contradictory, such as insulation, and anti-static function, requires complete opposite. And the more requirements of function, the price is relatively high. In conclusion, the hit safety shoes should be chosen according to their own actual situation, but the multi-function of the hit safety shoes can give you more security protection.
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