Choose considerations of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-26
Know how to choose the safety protective equipment is necessary for all of us, because different safety protection articles have different important role, that we should pay attention to what matters needing attention when the choose and buy? Let's take a look at below: first, according to the need to choose suitable products for smashing safety shoes according to height is divided into protective property, An1, An2, An3, An4, An5 five protective performance levels, An1 the highest level, An5 lowest level. The higher the level of prevention on safety shoes its front-end pressure resistant and impact resistant technical indicators are high, it is good to the protection of digit, businesses and individuals can be according to the characteristic and the working environment of choose and buy suitable products. Insulation safety shoes is applicable to electrical workers. Second, check the appearance quality of the product identification and when the choose and buy, should first confirm whether the products production enterprises with industrial products production permit. Again on this foundation to check whether or not marked on the product production enterprise name, address, license number, production date, executive standard, whether the attached certificate and operation instruction; For insulation safety shoes should pay attention to check the shoes to see if there is product name, mark, shoe and lightning withstand voltage value. When the choose and buy should also pay attention to check whether the vamp have a disability, colour and lustre is differ, jump, and lines heavy needle, needle break, code uneven; Does help end if there is a glue, take off the line; ever sulfur and low sulfur, sulfur spray; Whether in baotou skew, etc. Three, hit a safety shoes, extra safety shoes and safety shoes insulation, antistatic safety shoes are special labor protection articles, special labor protection articles of choose and buy, want a choose and buy more formal manufacturers, enterprises with the national standard certification. Fourth, do not choose the spot when the choose and buy, some units or individuals for convenience, tend to choose the spot. Spot of safety shoes factory of time for a long time, influenced by time, climate, environment, leather, soles, fastness decreased, adhesive performance is reduced, and even affect the safety performance. So, the purchase of safety shoes recommended to factory orders production, so as not to affect the quality. Five, mainly involves the making craft of manufacturing products price, style, material and comfort, not involving safety protection performance, can choose according to need. As procurement unit of labor protection articles, master the matters needing attention in safety shoes when the choose and buy, in the identification of qualified safety shoes when the product will be easier.
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