Choose a base safety shoes six tips

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Now many people like to wear a variety of functional safety shoes, but tend to buy safety shoes is not fit to wear, not only uncomfortable, there is no complete play more protective effect of shoes. So how to easily buy safety shoes fit? Try the following six tips. First, standing on one foot. Standing feet will be slightly larger than when sitting, if just sit try shoes, try out the size of the shoes. Do stand up when I try on shoes, it is better to stand on one foot for a while, to test its stability and suitability of width. If stand or appear on both sides of the feet to the partial phenomenon such as, supporting feet shoes not intact, do not buy as far as possible. Second, walk at least 50. Don't try on the barefoot, wear ShangMian socks. Two feet to try on at the same time, pull the zipper or lace up your shoes, and then stand up and walk around a little longer to give plenty of time to feel whether the shoes fit your feet, had better go over 50 step, if there are feelings of restrict, pinches, means that the shoes don't fit you. Third, marking time. Marking time and a half minutes, then the body before and after shaking, if toes have squeezed feeling, that shoe size not appropriate, moving extrusion on tiptoe. Fourth, jump jump. Walk, foot to assume the full weight of the body, therefore, a good pair of shoes should be able to relieve the pressure. Shoes damping effect how, as long as can feel jump jump. Good shoes, even if the soles is not thick, also have shock deal with heels, fall to the ground, people can feel soft elastic, not a sprained foot or & other Throughout the earthquake &; Hemp feet. If the landing foot numbness, heel pain, foot feel stiff, damping effect in general. Fifth, feet toe or heel landing. This movement can also be the stability of the test shoes, if the body shaking, stability is not good enough. Sixth, go jogging, then stop. When I try on shoes, especially sports shoes, be sure to jog more than 1 minute, to see if your feet feel relaxed and comfortable; Rush to stop after jogging, if shoes skid, illustrate the soles of the friction force is not enough, suggest not to buy. Above is to choose a base safety shoes six tips, but remember, everyone must observe shoes first appearance before the test to see if there is any breakage or obvious defects, and test also remember standing on solid ground, don't stand on the carpet and soft surface.
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