Chinese shoes enterprises manufacturers how to ensure the quality of labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-30
A pair of qualified labor insurance shoes wear comfortable, wear it can guarantee the operation safety, consumer also can work easy comfortable to wear, so the Chinese shoes enterprises manufacturer will have more strict requirements, because labor insurance shoes can't like ordinary shoes, as long as meet the comfortable, stylish. Labor insurance shoes enterprises manufacturers will be how to ensure the quality of the labor insurance shoes to mark? One, the raw materials into the factory inspection: for labor insurance shoes raw materials must be strictly controlled, quality and price must be carefully weighing, must not only pursue cheap, low purchase price, and do not pass quality materials. All incoming raw materials need to be after the appearance of the qc inspection, and the physical inspection qualified rear can use. Such as baotou steel compressive, smashing resistance, the thickness of the leather, resistant to twists and turns, tearing, color fastness, etc. Second, the quality control in the process of production: labor insurance shoes whether PU injection molding technology, stick or cold forming, must set the right process, for each process, need to set the strict quality requirements, operational considerations, operator need with consciousness, quality testing only quality qualified products can enter the next operation. Cutting, sewing machine, forming various departments and positions must be configured independent controller for quality control of semi-finished products. Three, final inspection of finished products: according to certain proportion of suction box inspection for final inspection before a certain order to the factory, this step is best carried out by independent outside qc inspection qualification. Check orders, production confirmation sample for random extraction by labor insurance shoes for inspection in accordance with the requirements, in addition to ensure that the overall appearance must be in accordance with customer requirements, more carefully check the raw material and finished product shoes inspection reports, to ensure that all product features up to standard, if possible, can arrange staff to try on a standard foot, issue a report on fitting. Qualified products require strict quality inspection process, and each link strict control is to ensure that the quality of the product quality, the aim is to make consumers put on comfortable rest assured labor protection articles, maximize their job security, as well as to the wearing comfort of the appliances for labor protection.
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