China's labor insurance shoes export competitiveness analysis

by:BEF     2020-12-14
A rapid change in recent years the development of China's labor insurance shoes industry, held a dominant position in the global labor insurance shoes on the market, the development of the labor insurance shoes to the world market and consumer demand has important influence. But the specific situation of the China labor insurance shoes export competition is what? 1, Chinese labor insurance shoes export competitiveness of China labor insurance shoes revealed comparative advantage has been high, labor insurance shoes export competitiveness is rising trend, and the increase in speed, with a strong competitive advantage, the overall advantage. But we must recognize that China's current safety shoes export competitive advantage focus on labor-intensive basic model body shoes, and relatively intensive technical high-grade shoes but does not yet have the export competitive advantage and export competitiveness. This conclusion is consistent with the traditional comparative advantage theory point of view, our country labor force is rich, but the lack of technology. 2, Chinese labor insurance shoes export market share of China labor insurance shoes export amount of the world to measure the ratio of the labor insurance shoes export amount in the international market occupies & other Sphere & rsquo; The size of the. Labor insurance shoes are mainly exported to countries in the world market share in addition to the India is relatively stable over the past few years, other major exporting countries Chinese shoes market share are significantly reduced, from 42 in 2002 in Italy. Down to 23% in 2006 to 21. 02%, Britain and the United States directly by the exporter into a net importer. China, meanwhile, the proportion of labor insurance shoes in the international market is very big, not only in further acceleration and expansion, year-on-year expansion are increasing every year, from 2005 in 2006 alone raised 14. 65%, is expected in the next few years will also continue to expand, its strong international export competitiveness. 3, Chinese labor insurance shoes export market distribution, the main export market of our country labor insurance shoes to the United States, followed by Europe, in Latin America, Africa and Oceania also have a small amount of exports. In recent years, our export market structure is constantly adjusted while exports to the United States and Europe accounted for absolute proportion, but the proportion has a decreasing trend. Exports to Latin America, Africa, Oceania have obvious increasing trend. The reasons for this phenomenon lies in: on the one hand, the original market is saturated, excessive market competition is intense, most developed countries have strict barriers to trade measures, easy cause trade friction; On the other hand, as developing countries and developed countries economic development, has a new demand on labor insurance shoes, and our country's labor insurance shoes production technology and product price is more appropriate for Latin America, Africa and other regions the needs of the country. 4, Chinese labor insurance shoes export geographic distribution in our country labor insurance shoes manufacturers export is given priority to with coastal provinces and cities and geographical distribution of the pattern of relatively concentrated in the key areas. Exports in guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, the largest is the backbone of our country labor insurance shoes export, followed by liaoning, shandong, anhui, in recent years, the central and western China such as shanxi, hebei, sichuan and other provinces have also started to export labor insurance shoes, but the overall labor insurance shoes production export area is unbalanced.
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