Can you distinguish the stand or fall of rubber sole?

by:BEF     2020-06-25

you can discern the stand or fall of rubber sole?

rubber sole is typically used for material safety shoes and wear resistance with strong resistance to chemical and physical properties, and resistance of 300 ℃ high temperature in a short period of time; It is not only a kind of polymer compounds with high elasticity, it further contains high abrasion resistance and bending resistance, can withstand repeated bending, stretching, compression, without damage; At the same time, also has the impervious rubber, permeability resistance, acid resistance, adhesive strength of high performance insulation and protection.

rubber sole is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. For rubber polymer compounds. Therefore, rubber sole is highly elastic, high wear resistance, and multiple bending, tensile and compression without damage. Also have resistance to acid, so wear suitable for rainy day. A lot of sports shoes in the market now is almost always made of rubber sole.

like basketball, football, tennis shoes, and so on. Because they belong to a more intense campaign, so they require sole have high wear resistance. Use big rubber of rubber material, in fact, all of the common sports shoes, according to the specific materials and ingredients, can be the end of rubber natural rubber into a thin, wear-resisting rubber, green rubber, rubber, and air and carbon rubber outsole and so on.

rubber is soft, elastic, easy to distinguish, squash with the hand flexibility strong; With nose smells like the taste of the eraser is; Is hard to the ground, there are signs of a rebound.

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