Attaches great importance to you at the foot of the slippers

by:BEF     2020-06-30

recently, domestic slippers export recalled events are occurring, to remove some quality problem, often because of its sole the friction is too small, do not prevent slippery, slip complaints increase, the elderly and the disabled is a high-risk groups.

common slipper shoes at present is mainly TPR soles, EVA soles, PVC soles, TPR sole's most don't skid, PVC soles second, EVA sole is best. So consumers slippers when the choose and buy, had better choose EVA soles slippers. Second, the soft bottom of slippers than hard ground of anti-skid. The soles of shoes of soft material can produce small irregular deformation and contact surface, to obtain a larger contact area, produce bigger friction, prevent slippery effect will be relatively improve. To look at the background of shoe last, common sole stripe according to prevent slippery degree can be divided into: horizontal stripes and polyline lines, the vertical stripes. When the choose and buy, buy horizontal stripes slippers as far as possible, the more the antiskid lines simultaneously.

two of the most popular slippers on market risk index is very high. Is a young man like 'splint slipper', another is the commonly used 'disposable paper slippers' hotels. In the sole material, sole, sole structure design factors such as hardness, both slippers not reached 'non-slip' standard, especially the disposable paper slippers. Hotel disposable slippers at the bottom of the smooth, almost no fold, stained with water this kind of medium, especially easy to fall in. Wear slippers in the hotel, the safest is slippery slipper, followed by the ordinary plastic slippers, then a barefoot, the most unsafe is disposable slippers.

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