Assessment 丨's vaunted JOYRIDE Nike black science and technology, the compatible or not used to running?

by:BEF     2020-06-25
Text from the network: in fact, Nike released at the outset of this pair of shoes positioning: suitable for short run. How to understand? Is if you are running pace no requirement, and the running distance in 3 - 5 km range, then this pair of shoes is undoubtedly a pair of running shoes. And this time after about 3. Trial run 3 km, fully agreed with brand positioning for this pair of shoes. So far as to say that if it is under the premise of slow running of short distance, this pair of JOYRIDE RUN fk1 - FK foot feeling is enough to bring down the of all running shoes products currently on the market! As for why can't wear it for long distance or professional training, in fact, I also give the answer in video & ndash; — Because of this pair of shoes in the bottom completely without any torsional or stable design. Otherwise, in the long run for a long time, is likely to cause some sports injury. Unless your feet are particularly strong muscles. Finally, a lot of friends may be concerned about abrasion resistance, I'm sorry, but this also can't give you the answer. Because only run 3. 3 kilometers, now can't see bottom is wear and tear. Because itself is also less attention to tennis shoes wear resistance. So, the problem of abrasion resistance can only rely on your own dress to understand. The last of the last, now see some new product information exposure on the network. Nike will also launch other JOYRIDE next series of products, have to continue to jog, also have for daily wear of leisure. Because of the unique foot feeling blessing, I for these new products are still full of expectation. Shock or structural damping material? See some friends online discussion. Are curious about this pair of shoes should be return to & other; Damping material & throughout; 吗? Or should I calculate & other; Structural damping & throughout; 吗? JOYRIDE is actually combine the above two kinds of our common forms of shock. According to the introduction of brand, called & other; Dynamic damping & throughout; 。 How to understand this concept? At the end of the first use of TPE shock small magic ball, decorated in the focus of the plantar corresponding 4 & other; Shock warehouse & throughout; 。 And it is said that every pair of shoes has more than 10000 grains of TPE particles. These and other Elastic & throughout; Every single ball itself has very good cushioning performance. But they are no adhesion, each other is just sealed in each block & other; Shock warehouse & throughout; In the water. In the process of wearing, because of physical space and the existence of different factors such as weight and focus on the habits of the TPE small club according to the laws of mechanics, the natural distribution in the most appropriate position step by step. To construct each person is different the cushioning structure of distribution. What feeling is put on it? First of all, I can responsibly say, JOYRIDE foot feeling and I once through at least 200 pairs of shoes are completely different! Early on foot, feel special like didn't wear socks, in the soles of the feet have some & other; Slip & throughout; Feeling. But about gone ten paces, the discomfort is completely disappeared. Take from the sole of the shoe's very strong play soft feeling, even between the pace of crisscross, can obviously feel the TPE in & other small particles; Shock warehouse & throughout; In submitting a slight vibration. As the pace of alternating at the same time, using every start of inertia, the TPE small particles will be restructuring the layout of the test chamber, so as to ensure that every step of the feelings are new. This feeling is like stepping on a flexible & other The lazy sofa & throughout; On the same. What can you run? Disadvantage is there? First is wearing Nike socks towels ship after only three kilometers after the trial run, heel lift ring stitch structure leads to two of my heel are different degree of swelling, especially in his left foot heel, directly from a blister. Later, I have seen some JOYRIDE promotional activities on the Internet at the time of the photos, found that the first try to run the participants are all equipped with professional running socks, Nike is that the heel will have double shapes on a piece of socks. No wonder you didn't mention this on the Internet. But such a situation, it is also a very common thing. Because in the past, I have encountered when wearing a shoe, specialized in a pair of running socks or help sox is done. Another drawback is that this pair of JOYRIDE RUN fk1 - FK although adopted FLYKNIT uppers, but the pair of shoes vamp is designed to be too low. So when wear off if you don't pull the aforementioned the heel lift ring, will be very hard to wear. And when trying to run, LACES completely relax also can still feel the pressure from the shoes. So, for the wearer high instep, this pair of shoes is not particularly friendly. ( B, but also many more wear shoe will gradually open some. ) 从SoleFresh - Jose Beijing.
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