Arkema EPEBAX Pebax foaming reproduced: Pebax ® : the world of high-end sports shoes enterprises preferred material

by:BEF     2020-07-16
Aqua for Pebax® Ultra-high performance elastomer dedecates road to build a new campaign Pebax® Powered online now. Pebax® Be applied to include adidas ( Adidas) , Nike, Nike) , puma, Puma) North (, 北脸) Such as the leading sports brand sports products. Aqua tamar Pebax® Arkema Powered: help athlete breakthrough the limit the move aims to help further highlight Pebax® sporting goods manufacturers; Extraordinary features to bring sports shoes, let use Pebax® The movement of the elastomer brand in the eyes of consumers more attractive. Aqua tamar Pebax® The project manager, Guido Donà Said: & other; Pebax® Elastomer performance is remarkable, already enjoys a good reputation in the sporting goods manufacturers. With the Pebax® Powered marketing campaign, we want to let more consumers, professional athletes and sports fans know Pebax® The special features. This a series of marketing initiatives can choose Pebax® Elastomer manufacturer support, their brand is more popular in the market. ” Aqua tamar Pebax® Powered: power limit Pebax® athlete breakthrough; : lead the market of high-tech polymer materials Pebax® Is a kind of high performance thermoplastic elastomer material, has been more than 30 years of history, and constantly in the process optimization, strive for perfection. The elastomer properties, unique set of lightweight, energy rebound, high flexibility, high elasticity, high fatigue strength and efficient shock absorption, etc a variety of special properties of popular at a suit. By adjusting the formula of the two components of each ratio & ndash; — Make the formula more strong powerful polyamide block and the formula is more soft and flexible polyether block, make Pebax® The performance of the can realize customization and optimization. Over the years, Pebax® By including the adidas ( Adidas) , Nike, Nike) , puma, Puma) North (, 北脸) , best force ( Babolat) And mizuno, 美津浓) The favor of the leading sports brand. These brands adopt Pebax® Elastomer to design and build the soccer shoes, football shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes and hiking shoes and the shoes and boots. Famous sports and outdoor snow brand Scarpa, Dynafit, Fischer and Scott also choose to Pebax® Elastomer to create their boots products.
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