Antistatic safety shoes with insulated shoes use guide

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Antistatic safety shoes have certain weak conductive function, can be in the human body static electricity through the esd safety shoes import underground, prevent employees from electrostatic accumulation, cause safe hidden trouble or cause damage to the products. Insulation safety shoes are not used conductive insulating material, through the shoes will be the personal from the earth, make the person even if contact with conductive, also won't produce because of the current through the body into the accident. And anti-static static safety shoes in the human body is derived after make human body static electricity is very low, it is not easy to appear due to static electricity with the dust raised by the relatively clean effect. Electric insulation is the requirement of safety shoes in the environment temperature 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity 45% ~ 75%, the experiment voltage 6 kv, experiment 1 min, for leakage current & le; 1. 8 ma, this kind of safety shoes is to enable the wearer to ground insulation to prevent electric current through the body with the earth between pathway, shock damage to human body, the risk of electric shock when reduced to a minimum, because electric shock when the current is the contact point on the surface of the defined by the human body, it also prevent step within the scope of the test voltages to the harm of human body. In general, the resistance is greater than 1012 Ω for insulation, and more than 106 less than 1012 Ω Ω is anti-static. Insulating rubber is not conductive, anti-static rubber is conductive, but the resistance value is bigger, the standard requirement is between Ω Ω 106 and 109. Anti-static rubber most used in the electronics industry, in use process, friction does not produce static electricity, which have played an important role in protection of electronic products. Antistatic safety shoes are made of insulating rubber, general is to use on the electrical installation, in order to prevent electric shock. Anti-static slippers have weak conductive function, can derive the body of excess charge through its body, leads to the earth, and avoid charge accumulation of electrostatic discharge, thereby eliminating the role of the human body static electricity. Insulated shoes are using cannot conduct electricity insulating material, through the shoes will be the personal and the isolation, makes the person even if contact with conductive, also won't produce because of the current through the body into the accident. Esd is a coefficient between the insulation and conductive indicators. Generally used in special gas, petroleum, petrochemical and other inflammable and explosive places. Because it is mainly used to release the body's own produced by electrostatic, anti-static shoes now not only used in oil chemical industry, also widely used in precision electronics, components and other electronic enterprise, optical instruments, pharmaceutical companies, and so on. Insulated shoes can only be used for maintenance electrician use at work, in order to reduce the risk of electric shock. It usually is the electrical wear and prevent step and get an electric shock, and to prevent electric shock accidents due to ground conductivity.
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