Antistatic safety shoes for electrostatic fire said 'NO'

by:BEF     2020-12-13
According to statistics, from 1960 to 1973 the United States caused by the electrostatic fire explosion loading accident alone in 166, Japan's electrostatic fire about 100 a year, including the human body charged fire caused by about 20%. Such as 3, 1987. 15 Harbin linen dust explosion accidents, etc. According to incomplete statistics, our country because of the lack of labor protection and labor protection is unqualified caused by all kinds of casualty accidents account for industrial and mining enterprises about 15% of the total number of deaths and injuries. Safety shoes is to protect the workers in the process of operation, to prevent the body carries the risk of accidents caused by static electricity, reduce the accident damage must be equipped with the foot of equipment, avoid the 220 v power frequency capacitor equipment accident cause a click on the human body, in view of the more sensitive to the human body electrostatic fire and explosion places, is the production conditions cannot eliminate all kinds of dangerous and harmful factors cases in order to guarantee the occupational safety and health of the industrial workers set up by the last line of defense. Anti-static safety shoes with anti-static and conductive soles, antistatic leather surface, and special conductive shoes, the shoes is not metal, friction in order to reduce the possibility of a fire. Wear the anti-static safety shoes, is on each pair of shoes to the staff in the moving resistance, the human body electrostatic export, the body becomes a safe insulators. Such as printing, laboratory work, precision instrument manufacturing these scenarios are requirements of anti-static work, so for the workers who work in these scenarios, they are need a pair of anti-static necessary safety shoes. Such as precision instrument manufacturing workshop, the workers wear antistatic safety shoes can reduce electrostatic the effects on the production, to ensure normal production and reducing the occurrence of the flammable and explosive events.
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