Antistatic safety shoes and safety shoes insulation is two functions instead of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-14
Work laborer easily confusing anti-static safety shoes and safety shoes insulation together, look from the appearance of the two is difficult to distinguish between each other, and sometimes use the function of both in wearing and there are many similarities, such as resistant to hit, skid resistance, and so on, but there is a big difference between the two, if not careful to wear at work, the consequences are serious. Antistatic safety shoes need to put the human body static electricity which is the purpose of through the conductivity of antistatic safety shoes, to the human body static electricity into the earth. Insulation safety shoes need is the purpose of the human body from a conductor, the role of the insulation shoes also is the conductor is isolated from the body and the earth, prevent conductive. Therefore, antistatic safety shoes is conductive shoes, insulation safety shoes is insulated shoes, can not be used them, lest cause safety accidents. Antistatic safety shoes is has some weak conductive function, can be in the human body static electricity through antistatic safety shoes import underground. And insulation safety shoes are not used conductive insulating material, through the shoes will be the personal and the isolation, make the person even if contact with conductive, also won't produce because of the current through the body into the accident. And anti-static static safety shoes in the human body is derived after make human body static electricity is very low, it is not easy to appear due to static electricity with the dust raised by the relatively clean effect. Static electricity is ubiquitous, but electrostatic voltage is very low, far short of our common daily voltage, it's not much of a harm to human body, but in the electronic manufacturing enterprises, static electricity can damage to the electronics product, this is one of them. Electrostatic is can absorb dust, this makes the need to work in a clean room environment can not meet the requirements, so need anti-static shoes with anti-static clothing. And insulated shoes using the workplace is usually charged the working environment, so the anti-static shoes cannot be used as insulated shoes. In conclusion, workers in the work according to the operation scene to choose the right function is particularly important to the safety shoes, not ignore any details, if really wear anti-static shoes as insulation, the working environment in the charge place in operation is a very dangerous thing.
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