Antistatic labor insurance shoes matters needing attention when using

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Anti-static labor insurance shoes is electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computer, electronic communication equipment and the integrated circuit and so on in the microelectronics industry production workshop and advanced laboratory in order to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazard while wearing a work shoes. Anti-static work shoes can eliminate human body static electricity, but also effectively suppress the personnel in the clean room produced by walking around in the dust. So, anti-static labor insurance shoes when using the matters needing attention? Matters needing attention in the use of anti-static labor insurance shoes: 1, anti-static labor insurance shoes before use, check should be made for all its resistance and record, in use after a period of time, as the shoe surface pollution, wear, or sole shoe body deformation, or the original have electrostatic click feeling of choose and employ persons, must be to retest the resistance of the anti-static labor insurance shoes, for verification. 2, anti-static labor insurance shoes resistance affected by humidity and change, so should be compared in the summer and winter testing, to grasp the change in puncture proof shoes. 3, must use anti-static labor insurance shoes with thin nylon stockings or mixed with conductive fiber socks, and not to wear socks wool and chemical fiber materials. 4, anti-static labor insurance shoes inside shall also attach insoles, insoles don't particularly insulation in the soles trader or other coating adhesive insulating film. 5, anti-static labor insurance shoes dirty, to take professional cleaning cleaning company to clean.
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