Antistatic fabric used in the packaging has the prospect of development?

by:BEF     2020-07-26
Along with the market demand for electronic volume of refinement, whether it is for the environment, production of electronic or packaging or the control of static electricity are more accurate, more strict. In recent years can be seen in the improvement of production efficiency and the degree of automation, electronic components of a highly integrated, make product in the process of production and use of electrostatic damage for the product is more and more big, also more and more serious. And in the process of transportation, electronic products have all sorts of friction and collision, in the process of the friction makes the electronic components with static electricity, or handling of electrostatic discharge, high pressure electrostatic breakdown of integrated circuits and precision electronic components, which completely damaged, or aging, or reducing the life of the product and so on, in China is one of the world's major producer of consumer electronics, electrostatic packaging transportation properly is very important, how to do better antistatic, if can do better in the packaging process effect of anti-static work, this is a problem worth thinking about. Thus, we know that the generation of static electricity for the product is the harm is destructive or destroyed, so we can conclude the electronic product packaging needs of antistatic property, we know that in the market now can anti-static products are anti-static cloth, anti-static, anti-static equipment, and the most appropriate is definitely the anti-static cloth. Antistatic electronics packaging materials generally have 'PE plastic film materials and PE PP nonwoven materials, general polyethylene plastic materials need 300 years to biodegrade, environmental protection type can drop need 2 - polyethylene plastic film material 3 years degradation, and polypropylene PP nonwoven materials outdoors in just a few months can be degraded and the environmental protection consciousness increasingly intense today, environmental protection non-woven materials in electronic product packaging, has been accepted and advocated for a number of advanced countries, visible with the large use of electronic products as well as the ascension of the antistatic unexpectedly people, antistatic fabric packaging materials in electronic product packaging applications will have great development. With the continuous improvement in antistatic packaging, we have reason to believe that the future development of anti-static cloth in the future is pretty good.
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