Antistatic bottom used in general, what is a indispensable?

by:BEF     2020-07-17
Early in the middle of the last century, because of the rapid development of modern industrial production and the rapid popularization of polymer applications, on the one hand, the resistivity of high polymer materials such as plastic, rubber etc. The products are widely used and the high speed of modern production process, electrostatic accumulation leads to a high degree, in addition, the production and use of electrostatic sensitive material, such as light oil, powder, solid state electronics, industrial and mining enterprises sector by the harm of static electricity is becoming more and more to highlight, electrostatic hazards caused serious consequences and loss. Made in the electronics industry loss up to billions of dollars, which has yet to calculate potential losses. Less than a month of time to the Netherlands, Norway, Britain three 200000 - ton supertanker washing when the electrostatic cause ensued after the explosion, cause the attention of scientists in the world on electrostatic protection, many industrial development after the second world war electrostatic research institution was established. Eliminate static electricity, to understand the source of the electrostatic and electrostatic hazard due to the electrostatic force and static electric spark, electrostatic hazard is the most serious of the electrostatic discharge can cause fire and explosion of combustible materials. To this, as the saying goes, nip in the bud, must learn to save for a rainy day. The measures to prevent electrostatic are generally, transforming electricity strong process, with less electrification equipment materials, etc. The most simple and reliable method is to use wire equipment grounding, collocation of antistatic bottom use at the same time, will charge into the earth, and to avoid the accumulation of static electricity. For electrostatic protection, as long as that decision-makingprocesses temper, know to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, also can make it can serve the people well, like electrostatic printing, electrostatic spraying, electrostatic flocking is in use widely used.
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