Antistatic bottom in how to use instrument to measure the performance?

by:BEF     2020-07-17
Only fresh ingredients in know cook cook hands can be turned into a delicious food, a good poem to share only understand his people, to understand the author of this to express meaning. Otherwise, all this set up is just a thing without use, are not real value. In industrial production, for the antistatic consciousness growing, antistatic in use is also growing, but because of the market bottom in antistatic numerous manufacturers, quality is different, this how to detect the anti-static value of the product, the users get guarantee? For antistatic in the bottom there are two kinds of detection methods, one is to check the conductive fiber, conductive fiber is the key raw material, check the conductive fiber is to see whether in accordance with the specification in a conductive fiber and add what kind of conductive fiber. In addition to this, how do we determine whether the product of a conductive fiber? Carefully and can use the scissors cut along the edge of the black conductive fiber fabrics, and to isolate the black conductive fiber, use a magnifying glass to observe whether there is a root or a few relatively coarse fiber, and the surface resistance tester measure resistance of isolated conductive fiber. Straight down a few root, look at the basic of each root black silk whether containing conductive fiber. Only qualified antistatic conductive fibre bottom can effectively prevent the damage of electrostatic for the product, can make when buying qualification certificate issued by manufacturer before buying.
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