Antistatic available insulated shoes in the bottom of it?

by:BEF     2020-07-10
Early contact with safety shoes, small make up thought antistatic shoes with insulated shoes both are the same function, so, the antistatic bottom should be universal, but later I found that it is completely different, antistatic safety shoes is in soles join anti-static materials, has a weak conductive function, can derive the body of excess charge through his body, leads to the earth, and avoid charge accumulation of electrostatic discharge, thereby eliminating the role of the human body static electricity. And insulation safety shoes soles made with not conductive insulating materials, through the shoes will be the personal and the isolation, make the person even if contact with conductive, also won't produce because of the current through the body into the accident. Can generally wear anti-static shoes, especially in the north, the winter weather is dry, people easy to savings electrostatic, wear anti-static shoes can avoid personal by static electric shock. And insulating shoes for maintenance electrician only use at work, in order to reduce the risk of electric shock. Insulation is an electrical wear safety shoes in general, prevent the step voltage and electric shock, and to prevent electric shock accidents due to ground conductivity. So, in the antistatic bottom is not common to the two, because the performance of the two completely different. Antistatic safety shoes is used to prevent the accident caused by generating static electricity spark. Insulation safety shoes can only be used for maintenance electrician in use at work, in order to reduce the risk of electric shock.
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