Anti-static labor insurance shoes can wear good antistatic?

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Antistatic labor insurance shoes are normally used for electronic production workshop, a dust-free workshop workers work shoes wear. Mainly applicable to some vulnerable to electronic jamming, electronic components caused by damage or inflammable and explosive environment. The antistatic labor insurance shoes can wear good antistatic? Some users in the work does not have the right to realize the role of anti-static labor insurance shoes, often don't wear anti-static labor insurance shoes in good condition, the situation what's the harm? First look at the beating the main effect of electrostatic labor insurance shoes: 1, anti-static anti-static labor insurance shoes can not only eliminate human body electrostatic accumulation, and can prevent below 250 v power supply shocks. Labor insurance shoes soles insulation have to be considered, of course, to prevent shock or electric shock hazard. 2, electrical insulating anti-static labor insurance shoes can make the person's feet with a charged object insulation, protection against electric shock. 3, soles antistatic labor insurance shoes outsole materials using rubber, polyurethane, etc. , countries of antistatic performance of labor insurance shoes outsole and hardness made specific provision, want to use folding resistance, abrasion resistance testing machine and hardness tester to test. Choose shoes when your fingers press the soles must be flexible, the touch feeling not glue the hand, bending soft as well. The anti-static labor insurance shoes can wear good antistatic? The effect of antistatic labor insurance shoes is not to be ignored, but there are some staff don't seriously the anti-static labor insurance shoes, they don't understand the meaning of anti-static labor insurance shoes, for the sake of brevity is not good antistatic labor insurance shoes to wear, exposing the heel, so of course you can't let anti-static labor insurance shoes play a proper role. Anti-static labor insurance shoes is connected to the conductive floor through the sole and the release of electrostatic, if employees did not wear good antistatic labor insurance shoes, feet and anti-static labor insurance shoes connection, or anti-static floor connection, no Chinese shoes and conductive might not make it play any part anti-static function.
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