Anti-static cloth to antistatic principle is what?

by:BEF     2020-07-28
Dry autumn has come, the cold winter be far behind? Besides have the cold weather in winter chip, li crash electrostatic ring, sometimes to touch a handle may be electric, and for their own often have static, it is too painful, wear clothes is electricity, electrical appliances to be electric, even with a remote control has to be electric, it will inevitably bring certain influence to the life, to this, is there any good solution? Actually want to alleviate the situation, the solution is simple, the market now also has a lot of related anti-static cloth, can effectively collect electrostatic, from electrostatic hazards. We all know that natural cellulose fibre such as cotton and linen are less prone to static electricity, but it's not belong to the category of static electricity, so the anti-static cloth on the market at present is how to achieve the antistatic function? The most common most anti-static cloth is made of metal fibre or acrylic copper winding and other fibre blended, interwoven, and his conductive principle is to produce corona discharge between the conductive fiber. When the clothes on the static voltage reaches a certain value, it will produce no spark of corona discharge, static clothes will naturally eliminate, antistatic and this way. Durable antistatic way of another is to use the new antistatic fiber, such as richcel fiber, nylon 11, etc. , the adsorption capacity of the fiber itself to charge is very poor, thus giving full play to the advantages of fiber antistatic, durable antistatic, but the price of the clothes of this fiber is more expensive, friends can also choose to have a strong demand. The third is to fabrics treated with antistatic finishing agent, make clothing produce to electrostatic ion of Yin and Yang of the surfactant and or in the clothing surface to form insoluble polymer conductive layer, make its have certain absorbent, and reduces the insulating ability of the fabric, anti-static function. The long resistance finishing agent into the durability and the durability of two kinds. Of durability with anti-static cloth fabrics can only have short time antistatic property, and use the durability of antistatic fabric of antistatic finishing agent can be repeatedly washed, antistatic performance attenuation.
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