Anti-static cloth the more help you release the electrostatic, where is the principle?

by:BEF     2020-06-25
Is especially prone to electrostatic dry autumn, because most of the human body electrostatic clothes are made by friction, in such circumstances, the human body can produce electrostatic sometimes can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of volts, sound scary, it is not exaggeration, but real, after all, every piece of clothing can give out the static electricity is there is no way to estimate. Among them, in any cotton products, its quantity is little, produced by electrostatic antistatic of base cloth, it is better than other materials can reach the effect of antistatic. Why is this? This is related to fabric moisture absorption, generally have electrostatic generation in cotton, conductive away very quickly, don't stop. So now, people wear shoes basic it is non-conductive artificial plastic soles, combined with today's urban construction are mostly not electrical conductor, such as floor tile, cement, asphalt live buildings, buses, always being 'insulator' in life, for a long time, will naturally gathered a lot of static electricity. And these assembled electrostatic if the guide of the work has not been properly, is usually a electrostatic damage. Besides, anti-static cloth has a great effect that is to help the healthy growth, Japan has made provisions for this reason, children's shoes are not allowed to use insulating rubber bottom, otherwise it is illegal, the purpose is to prevent excessive electrostatic affect children's development.
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