Anti-static cloth in the medical application of how has played a positive role?

by:BEF     2020-07-27
A few days ago to see a small make up feel more shocking news, for electrostatic discharge ecg formed a heart attack patients with bo misoperation, lead to life-threatening heart patients died of news, the news also mentioned lithographic movement monitoring by the heart monitor patients if dressed in ordinary chemical fiber in sports clothing produce electrostatic can produce serious interference to monitor, lead to not work properly, etc. Thus, anti-static cloth in medical use is urgent. Medical equipment is a set of optical, mechanical and electrical in the integration of high-tech products, directly to the human body, and a variety of parameters and state of the test, as a result, the electrostatic shielding of the medical equipment is particularly important, the body usually with a 100 v - 200 v electrostatic, in damp and rainy day, static electricity is about 100 v, in the dry weather, the body static electricity with the human body movement, friction, such as clothing, up to 1000 v, and many of the medical equipment and avoid frequent contact with the body. Not only to the relevant medical engineering technicians for the equipment operation personnel on antistatic protective knowledge education, but also to fully realize the harm of static electricity, eliminate because food bad earth, causing high electrostatic factors such as friction, at the same time also need to some valuable medical equipment for the use of anti-static cloth processing, to reflect the electrostatic hazards to a minimum.
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