Anti-static cloth in the health-care industry have the effect of what?

by:BEF     2020-07-23
Although SARS occurred about 02 to now have in more than ten years, I also from the little girl was still in reading to the civilian staff now has a number of years experience. The health care industry after decades of r&d and technical reconstruction of sublimation, has created many miracles for us. But in the case in our country, most of the medical staff there is a widespread lack of electrostatic prevention knowledge also, backward management technology, the phenomenon such as insufficient understanding of the harm of static electricity, etc, how better to solve this problem? At present most of the medical equipment also relatively poor anti-jamming capability, reliable and good grounding the safe operation of the medical equipment and the importance of reliable transmission of data. With wire deposit about static decoupling capacitors in power line interference caused by could adopt to minimize skin and electrode contact resistance, increase in the circuit in common mode input impedance protection chose the methods of the right leg drive circuit to reduce the displacement current. For some chemical fiber textiles, in dry conditions due to friction produce electrostatic value can reach several hundred volts or even tens of thousands of volts, therefore, should avoid to wear this kind of fabric when ecg measurement, or choose some anti-static cloth to wear. Maintenance singular fault, should take electrostatic as a factor, electrostatic if discharge with computing and embedded medical equipment, will cause the error of the equipment operation or to its lead to deviation on test data, unable to provide normal as a result, or there will be a crash wait for a phenomenon, makes the machine components damage and related circuit fault, the damage is can not be taken lightly. In addition, medical equipment also must want to have a separate grounding systems, can not be used and the construction technology earthing body, in order to avoid lightning equipment appear dangerous voltage, equipment, metal parts, such as enclosure, shell, frame constitute a unified grounding system, to ensure that reliable grounding, can effectively prevent the harm of static electricity. On electrostatic prevention of medical equipment should be prepared to work, we know already, and for the related personnel wearing choice in clothing, and should be biased towards the anti-static cloth type, so they can better suppress the harm of static electricity, normal work lay a good foundation for the construction of medical instruments, can better service for patients.
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